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Air conditioning inspections on average take approximately 35-45 minutes. Some vehicle applications can require additional time. We always recommend to schedule an appointment if possible. Same day inspections can be performed to an extent.

Air conditioning systems can stop operating at any moment without warning. Air conditioning deterioration and system performance are not as closely monitored as much as the engine and other functional operation systems, most of us don’t realize a problem until the system completely fails to operate.

Air conditioning systems require maintenance like any other system. They do not need constant scheduled maintenance, but it is beneficial to perform a system analysis annually to remove the oil and perform a system vacuum and recharge with fresh oil to remove wear debris and introduce fresh oil to enhance performance and reduce component failure.

Air conditioning systems operate through the use of several electronic sensors and control modules. At times air conditioning repairs can be complex and require extensive knowledge in order to properly diagnose and restore the system. Computer diagnostic equipment is necessary in most newer vehicle applications to restore air conditioning function. With out the use of computer diagnostic equipment it is almost impossible to accurately and correctly diagnose the problem in the air conditioning system.

Just adding a can of refrigerant from your local parts store rarely ever works. It is more of a waste of time, money and negatively affects the environment by allowing refrigerant to escape in the air.

Hybrid Vehicles – Air conditioning service capable / equipped

We provide the necessary equipment and service hybrid vehicle air conditioning requirements. Hybrid vehicles operate with different oil viscosities and must have specialized equipment that will not contaminate the system by leaving traces of non hybrid vehicles oils.

Air Conditioning Repair at Global Auto Solutions:
Air conditioning repairs take several hours on average so we recommend dropping off your vehicle
for the day. We must evacuate the system prior to the removal of any component then make the
necessary repairs. Finally, the system must be properly vacuumed for at least 30-45 minutes and
charged in order for the system to reach its coldest temperature.

Our electrical diagnostics fee is $95 for the first hour. Most diagnostics average 1-2 hrs.

Repairs & Electrical Diagnostics:

  • Air conditioning compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion valve
  • Drier / Accumulator / Receiver
  • Air conditioning hoses and lines
  • Cooling fans
  • Blower motors
  • Blower motor regulators
  • Control panel replacement
  • Air door motors/actuator replacement
  • Pressure sensors
  • Wiring repairs
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Short circuit diagnostics

Common air conditioning problems/complaints

  • No cold air through vents when air conditioning demanded
  • No air from vents at all
  • Only hot air comes from vents
  • Only fresh air through vents
  • Air only comes out through defrost
  • Air only comes out through floor
  • Cold air only comes out from one side of vents, hot air comes out from other vents
  • Cold air only comes out from front vents not rear vents
  • Water leaking inside passenger floor board after air conditioning runs
  • Cold air only blows when vehicle is moving
  • Cold air warms up when stopped

A/C System Gallery


A/C seals leaking: over time seals will deteriorate and allow small amounts of refrigerant to seep out. Over time enough refrigerant will leak and no longer allow the a/c system to perform as it should or even allow the system to operate at all.


A/C compressor leaks occur over time and use. Once a compressor begins to leak it will soon no longer operate. It is recommended once the compressor leaks from the body to have the compressor replaced. This mainly occurs over a several years and use. If the compressor is not that old (mileage and age) it is sometimes possible to just reseal the unit. Once the compressor is removed, disassembled and the internal components properly inspected only then can it be advised to reseal and reinstalled.


A/C orifice tube inspection. In this image the orifice tube is completely covered in metal fragments of the compressor. This type of a/c failure is severe. To properly restore the system and guarantee the a/c to function and continue to function for several years , several components must be replaced and the entire system must be flushed properly. The amount of metal debris and contamination of vital components have been compromised. This type of failure can occur more often with out proper a/c system maintenance. Almost all automotive system rely on oils to allow the metal components to wear to a minimum. A/C oil is like any other lubricant, it breaks down over time and use and will carry with it debris from the same components it was made to protect. Over time the same oil that was designed to protect the system can be its own enemy carrying with large amounts of debris contaminating the entire system.


Above a orifice tube with large amounts of metal debris. Next to it a new orifice tube and how it should appear in a proper functioning a/c system.

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