European Maintenance Services
Vehicles Serviced

  • Audi Gasoline/ Petrol, Audi Turbo, Audi Supercharged , Audi S line and Diesel
  • BMW and BMW Turbo
  • Mini and Mini Supercharged
  • Fiat and Fiat Agarth
  • Mercedes Benz Gasoline/ Petrol and Diesel / Mercedes Benz Supercharged, Mercedes Benz AMG
  • Jaguar and Jaguar Supercharged, Jaguar R
  • Land Rover and Land Rover Supercharged
  • Volvo and Volvo Turbo
  • Porsche and Porsche Turbo. Porsche S
  • Volkswagen Gasoline / Petrol , Turbo and Diesel
  • Sprinter Gasoline/ Petrol and Diesel


Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts Used

  • Filters: MAHLE, MANN, Hengst, Bosch
  • Brakes : Brembo, Akebono, Textar, TRW, Pagid, ATE, Serrano
  • Power Steering fluids: Pentosin, Febi
  • Engine Oils: Pentosin, Motul, Liqui Moly, Mobil 1, Redline


Factory service procedures and specifications are always used on all services and repairs.

Maintenance Reminder Lights Reset

  • ABS, DSC, Traction, PSM, VSA, EPC

Brake service and repairs
We use original manufacturer parts, but if we can find an upgrade in brake pads we will always use this pad to reduce noise, brake dusting ( reduce dust on wheels) and enhance brake performance. Upgrade brake pads are usually slightly higher in price but most often still less costly than being serviced at a local dealer

Brake Discs / Rotors from OEM are “Zinc coated”
The Zinc Coating assisting in brake temperature reduction, extends brake life, reduces rusting and assists in your vehicle looking cleaner and newer . Brake disc rusting appearance through your nice wheels makes your vehicle look older and less appealing.

Brake pad wear sensors replaced with each brake pad service. We also reset the brake light warning indicators.

Cross drilled discs/ rotors – Slotted discs/rotors
Reduce brake temperatures , reduce braking distances, extend brake life, in wet weather conditions can assist in ejecting water and providing better grip. These rotors are not just beneficial to sport or high torque vehicles. Highway drivers and stop and go drivers benefit just as well due to reduced brake heat .
If brake disc vibration is a constant issue in between brake pad life service.

Computer required brake system deactivation
Electronic Parking brake systems, High pressurized brake systems require proper command procedures prior to removing brake pads or other brake system components. A reactivation must also be performed to restore factory/manufacturer brake operation. Not using or performing such procedures can harm anyone trying to perform the service, damage expensive brake components and disable proper brake system operation to make driving your vehicle extremely dangerous.

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