Our goal is to make vehicle ownership the least of your concerns. We want you to feel secure, comfortable and enjoy your driving experience. Let us do the hard work involved in keeping up with your vehicle’s needs and demands. We have dedicated our lives to make certain your vehicle performs as it was designed to the day it left the factory. We take responsibility for your vehicle’s overall performance—especially in bad weather conditions.

Michael Bernal began as a franchise manager and technician 11 years ago. After three years, another shop owner opened a location where Michael managed and performed technical duties. Never leaving behind the first owner or his clients, Michael consulted and assisted managing the first location on a daily basis.

At his second facility, Michael maintained and repaired vehicles for the Duluth police department, providing them with a much quicker turn around on their vehicles then they received from the dealerships. He provided affordable services but never sacrificed quality for these very important vehicles. By being able to save the city money in this sector, they were able to purchase better, more technologically advanced equipment.

Throughout these 11 years, Michael has also earned 12 awards for outstanding customer satisfaction, installer achievement award from a manufacturer and a distinguished hero award for assisting the family of a service member in need during the Middle East conflict.

Now Michael has been able to purchase his own facility, thus creating Global Auto Solutions.

Our Commitment to You

“As the General Operations Manager, I am committed to educating my clients to recognize symptoms and signs of component deterioration so together we can prevent major repairs which—if not serviced in time—can become expensive and hazardous. Vehicles will always require service and repairs, but many times the most costly repairs can be prevented. I have obtained extensive knowledge through experience servicing a wide variety of different automotive manufacturers, such as Porsche; Lotus; Corvette; Dodge (hemi); BMW (m3 and m5); Mercedes-Benz (AMG)/ (Bluetec); Volkswagen (TDI); Ford (Saleen/Cobra/SVF); Nissan; Audi(s); GMC; Honda/Acura (type S); Toyota/Lexus; Daewoo; Kia; Mazda (speed); and many more. Also, I recently began to further my education and enroll in hybrid and electric vehicle technology so we can provide service to the future of the automobile industry.

I have personally owned several vehicles in order to learn about different manufacturers’ systems engineering operations. Each manufacturer has their own fundamental operational design. Most vehicles today run on gas or diesel, and they all use coolant and oil to maintain performance. How vehicles use fuel, coolant properties and chemical compositions varies; oil viscosity and oil life intervals are different even within manufacturer’s own models. Regardless of your vehicle’s make, model or year, we know and understand that each vehicle and client has their own requirements. We make it a point to know how you drive, what your daily driving conditions and distances are as well as what you expect and demand from your vehicle.

Our shop works with your budget as much as possible, but we never sacrifice your safety or the safety of other drivers.”

– Michael Bernal, General Operations Manager

2710 Lawrenceville Hwy Lawrenceville, GA 30044