Selling and Purchasing

Global Auto Solutions automotive experts have extensive industry experience in consulting on the best sales and purchase strategies for vehicles. We’ve provided our consulting services for several small auto brokerages, clients and family.

Sales – Secure Location

We will assist you in getting the highest dollar amount for your vehicle; either by trade or private sale. We can also facilitate the transaction by having the buyer meet at our location. Our location brings added security for both parties and prospective buyers can use our facility for a more in-depth vehicle inspection. We will not lie, hide, or misinform any buyer from the facts. We will disclose all known vehicle repairs needed.

Purchasing/Buying – Pre-purchase Inspections

There are several sellers—both private and dealers—that hide, fail to disclose and mislead the true condition of their vehicles. Dealers and individuals will try to disconnect batteries to clear malfunction indicator lights (ABS, check engine, service vehicle soon, etc.), crash repairs, and fluid leaks. Let us share our expert advice with you when you’re making vehicle purchases.

  • Purchasing a used vehicle without having a professional inspect it first can end up in immediate repair costs in the thousands!! In used car sales, the seller is not obligated by law to disclose vehicle conditions and once a used car sales agreement is signed the vehicle is sold without any guarantee.
  • All car sales agreements are sold with a “As Is” stipulation; unless written in the agreement. In Georgia, and many other states, vehicles are required to pass a yearly mandatory “Emissions Test” or “State inspection” in order to operate on the road. The required repairs to restore the vehicle to meet these standards can be in the thousands of dollars. Many times these repairs can be hidden from buyers until after the vehicle has been purchased.
  • Our inspections look out for these hidden conditions and can make our clients aware of the possibility of such repairs. You purchase computers, stoves, refrigerators and always make sure that your purchase is guaranteed; most of these purchases are far less costly and require almost no maintenance compared to that of a vehicle. Why not take the extra time and have the vehicle inspected by our highly trained and knowledgeable team? Our goal is to make your vehicle ownership the least of your daily concerns.
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