Maintenance Services

A and B service
A visual vehicle inspection performed by a trained technician using Manufacturer specific guidelines and procedures. Each model and its year has a specific inspection, fluid type and procedure. Many are similar but not all follow the same requirements. We use original manufacturer information for each individual vehicle.

  • A Service with a scheduled appointment usually performed within 35 minutes
  • B Service with a scheduled appointment usually performed within 1 hour

OEM Filter, OEM Oil Specification (0w40, 5w30, 5w40), Reset service reminder indicator and a multi points inspection. Top off fluids, Adjust Tire pressure, Complete Computer module network scan upon request at no additional charge. (additional time needed)

Service performed by a trained and experienced technician.

*Network scan will find most faults in all modules which are accessible. Scan will only supply error codes; actual diagnostic results can only be given with individual diagnostic system performed.
*Diagnostics are charged accordingly, ask our service representative for further information.

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